A letter from our Mayor regarding the pipelines

March 30 the Mass DEP ruled to give the Air Quality Permit for the Weymouth compressor station, but because it’s such a hot-button issue, they’re offering a 30-day public comment period till Monday, May 1, 2017.  So we need to slather them with negative comments!

The Weymouth compressor station, as part of the Enbridge Atlantic Bridge project, is a critical linchpin in Spectra’s setting up the huge Access Northeast project.  Wherever and however we can stop/delay is the name of the game, so these comments are really important.  Weymouth is flat-out doing everything they can to fight what is already a heavily industrialized zone and we need to help them.
To make it as painless as possible, here are some useful talking points to make in your comments as well as where to send them as found on the Weymouth compressor station website.


To connect with other people in the Town of Weymouth or ask questions, go to https://nocompressor.com/. Or visit our Facebook page