“[B]uilding power plants creates a need for constructing other gas infrastructure, including pipelines and metering stations, as well as compressors, all of which have problematic health effects from emissions and leaks, according to Subra’s study.”

Health Risks for Pipelines

In health news: Massachusetts Nurses Association Votes to Oppose Spectra Pipeline for Health Reasons

Health Risks for Compressor Stations

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By Mina Hamilton

A little known aspect of gas pipelines is that they require large compressor stations to help concentrate and move the pressurized gas along. As compressor stations release large amounts of methane, plus other toxins, they contribute significantly to global warming. They are noisy, humming 24/7, and are subject to dangerous explosions and fires. At public meetings and during the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission application process, gas pipeline companies have not revealed the number, location and size of planned compressor stations.

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EPA to mandate disclosures on chemical releases from gas processing plants

The Environmental Protection Agency will force companies to disclose details on the toxic chemicals released from gas processing plants nationwide in response to legal challenges.

Source: EPA to mandate disclosures on chemical releases from gas processing plants – Fuel Fix